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These Oreo Cookies May Taste Like Your Favourite Sandwich! #POLL


Oreos are best described as ‘sandwich cookies’, but what if we told you that there is one more reason to refer to the popular biscuit as sandwich cookies? That the snack consists of a crème filling sandwiches between two biscuits has nothing to do with it, by the way. It’s Oreos latest flavour that has got some of us questioning NABISCO’s cookie-making prowess, while others are reeling over this new variant. Behold – the peanut butter and jelly Oreo!

While PB&J is a widely loved combination to sandwich between breads, we’re yet to find out how the two taste when put in between cookies.

The flavour was brought to light by Instagram user @JunkBanter, who shared an image of the snack’s packaging with the caption: “Woke up to some porn in my inbox today. New PB&J Oreos! This has long been a dream flavor for me and is the perfect release for back-to-school season (peep that chalkboard math on the package)”.

According to the post, the new limited edition Oreo flavour will be available at Kroger stores starting this week. Are you excited to try these sandwich-esque sandwich cookies? Vote below and let us know!

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