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Peanut Brrr-ittle M&M’s Just Made Your Diet That Much Harder


We’re mid-way through November, so that’s basically Christmas, which means that all diet bets are off. Which is great news because Peanut Brrr-ittle M&M’s are making any chance of a diet look very unlikely. Target is exclusively selling this new candy, that looks all set to be a whopper!

M&M’s Peanut Brrr-ittle! Found at: Target ? #thejunkfoodaisle

A post shared by The Junk Food Aisle (@thejunkfoodaisle) on Nov 6, 2017 at 4:25pm PST

While one would automatically assume that the Peanut Brrr-itle M&M’s were just Peanut M&M’s in different wrapping, Junk Banter has confirmed that they “definitely taste different than regular Peanut M&M’s.” According to them, “The flavor is certainly unique for M&M’s and, quite frankly, it’s very intriguing. The sweetness in Peanut Brrr-ittle M&M’s is a deeper, darker one like brown sugar. It tastes nutty, slightly caramelized, roasty.”

Tis the season, and Peanut Brittle is back with a bang!

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