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Pickle Flavored Candy Canes: Yay or Nay? #POLL


The last two months of the year (or actually just the last 6 weeks), a.k.a. the holiday season, is a riot of food, gifts, festivities, and the inevitable desserts and candies. Every year, starting Halloween, we stock up our pantries with most fancy candy bars and chocolates for the trick-o-treating kids or the sweet-toothed guests, and ourselves. But this year, we’re not sure if it’s just candy that we’re stocking up on, because a new, well, flavor of candy canes has got our brain and palate wires all mixed up! Behold, the pickle-flavoured candy canes!

That’s right, a bunch of online retail websites and supermarkets have on offer these bright green coloured things that are masquerading around as ‘ fancy pickle flavoured candy canes’. Before I adding anything else let me just say that I love candy canes, pickles, and am fairly appreciative of food hybrids as well. Now, that that’s out of the way, what on earth were they thinking?!

pickle_candy_canes_grandeImage: Archie McPhee

According to the product description, the candies are for people who find Christmas a difficult time as they are not all that into sweets, and would therefore prefer the “dill tang” of these green pickle candy canes. For all those of you who fit this “dill tang”-preferring preferring bill, why don’t you just stay off candies if you’re not “that into sweets”? Unless, of course, it’s the “elegant green colour”, the “clear flavor alternative”, and the “friendly image of Santa Pickle” that has really got your attention. Because you know you could get the same – actually even better – dill tang in a jar of pickles, right?

And just in case you’d rather indulge in some other flavour of savoury candy canes, you could look into the Bacon Candy Canes, some Gravy Candy Canes (I swear I threw up a little in my mouth) or the tad stronger Wasabi Candy Canes manufactured by the same group, Archie McPhee. You’re welcome, I guess?

flavored-candy-canes-archie-mcpheeImage: Archie McPhee

So, now that you know. Would you be interested in trying one of these savoury candy canes for Christmas? Vote below!

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