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MDIS Held Charity Pizza Baking Event For Underprivileged Children


Management Development Institute of Singapore, the most sought after institute among Indian students wishing to pursue education abroad, is known for making the students industry ready by offering world-class education. The institute, apart from churning out students with great skills and talents, works towards ensuring that their students have a responsibility towards the society.

Giving back to the society has always been a cornerstone of MDIS’ charitable efforts. MDIS believes that good character and self-confidence among its students can strengthen when the students actively participate in social events, contributing their bit to the society. MDIS students have recently volunteered to help students and youth from less privileged backgrounds. Children aged between 7 and 14, mostly hailing less privileged background have been thought the art of making a pizza. The venue was MDIS Bakery (School of Tourism and Hospitality), where the children led by MDIS students learnt how to make a pizza.

“It was a fun experience. Making the dough and rolling it out was the hardest part. I enjoyed putting the ingredients on my pizza. I can’t wait to bake my own pizza at home for my family to try,” said Sabrina Bte Raimi, aged 10.

Akid Rafiqi, a visibly-excited 7-year-old, shares, “I enjoyed making the pizza very much. I liked adding the toppings more so than rolling the dough. Pepperoni pizza is my favourite! I can now help myself prepare a meal when I’m alone at home”

The children, around 24 in number, were the beneficiaries from Beyond Social Services, a charitable organization dedicated to helping children and youths. “The event is a part of the community outreach we do in our immediate neighborhood. The children were taught how to creatively prepare pizzas, even substituting ingredients where needed,” MDIS said in a statement. Besides, the children also learnt about food and kitchen safety hygiene.

The purpose behind the event is to engage the children and youth in the community and spread goodwill among the beneficiaries. More so, such events provide them with basic food preparation skills so that they can prepare their own food at home in the absence of their parents.

This follows an earlier event – The MDIS Angel Heart Club Reading Programme – conducted in partnership with Beyond Social Services for school children age 10 and below in Queenstown. Every Wednesday, MDIS student volunteers from the ‘MDIS Angel Hearts Club’ dedicate their time to read to the children from the Beyond Services Reading programme. Every session, the Angel Heart Club student volunteers captivate the minds and expand the imagination of these young children. Before the end of the sessions, fun interactive games and activities are held for the children to enjoy.

Being the oldest not-for-profit professional institute for lifelong learning, MDIS has always been aware of its role as a caring corporate citizen. The institute continues to conscientiously reach out to help out the needy and deserving.