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Play the Winning Inning at Hard Rock Cafe This Cricket Season


The IPL is finally here, and it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy your favorite team play on the big screen! Get your favorite team’s jersey on and head to Hard Rock Cafe to cheer for your home teams this cricket season at their special live screening, Winning Inning.

Enjoy every match to the fullest with your buddies with some great offers on booze and food. Get a free chilled beer as you showcase your chugging prowess between matches, and bet on your favorite teams to win free shots. Hard Rock Cafe promises you a stadium-like atmosphere as you gorge on special pocket-thrilling menus to satisfy the tummy.

So, drive to Hard Rock Cafe with your friends to enjoy an action-packed match with plenty of food to keep your spirits high throughout the matches.

Venue: Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore

When: 23rd March- 19th May 2019

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