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Pokemon Aprijuice Recipe


Are you planning to go on a Pokémon hunt this weekend? Here are some tried and tested Poke Stops that also double up as restaurants in Mumbai – have a meal while you wait for elusive Pokémon to make their appearance. Before you head out, however, fortify yourself with a glass of Aprijuice, inspired by an earlier Pokémon game.

All About Aprijuice

Aprijuice was a drink made in the Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver games, made by blending Apricorns together in an Apriblender. To make Aprijuice, a player must put Apricorns into the blender and then walk or cycle 100 steps. The resulting juice can then be used three times.

Depending on its flavour, Aprijuice can raise a Pokemon’s stats. According to legend, the strongest Aprijuice has a spicy flavour, a little sourness which is balanced out by sweetness and a hint of bitterness.

Using these taste attributes as a guide, we’ve put together a recipe for Aprijuice that will hopefully raise your own stats (energy levels) as you prepare to hunt Pokemon.

Juice It Up



3 apricots
1 – 2 small plums
3 sprigs of mint
3 tbsp Tabasco sauce


Peel and pit the apricots and plums and juice them using a juicer.
Combine the juice with the mint and shake well.
Add the tabasco sauce and shake well.
Serve and enjoy.