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Quick Chilli Cheese Sticks Recipe


What do you do when you’re in the mood for something cheesy and want to fix yourself a quick, cheesy snack? You can look through some recipes for the classic grilled cheese here.

Or you can do what we’re about to do – make some cheese sticks. These aren’t super complex, deep fried, or those that require many ingredients. Our easy recipe for cheese sticks are quick to make, require only 3 ingredients, and taste delicious! We like to keep things fast and simple, and if you do too, here’s your go to recipe for a cheesy snack. They’re perfect for snack time with the kids, so simple that kids can make them too. They also come in handy when you’re hungry at midnight and want to chomp on something real quick.

To make Quick Chilli Cheese Sticks, you will need:

– Bread 
– Cheese  
– Chilli flakes

All you need to do are four simple things:
– Layer  
– Roll 
– Heat 
– Serve

Layer your bread with cheese and sprinkle with flakes, roll it up as shown in the video, heat it using a sandwich maker or pan so your cheese melts, and serve hot!

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