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Are You Ready To Munch On This New M&M’s Flavour? #POLL


If reports are to be believed, M&M’s fans should gear up to munch on an all-new flavour of the chocolate candy, which will pack a whole lot of chocolate and which will follow up after the candy’s Halloween-special White Chocolate Pumpkin variant.

The news was announced by the junkbanter, who posted a picture of a packet filled with the new M&M’s. And going by the description on the candy packet, it looks like we are in for a major chocolate bonanza! In the new flavour, each M&M has a milk chocolate center surrounded by a layer of white chocolate, which is further covered by an outer layer of dark chocolate. But that’s not all; the triple chocolate M&M is finally coated with the signature candy layer.

Basically, a handful of these M&M’s should be enough to satiate your sugar cravings for a good few hours. Unless of course you lap up sugar like a cat laps up milk!

But when will we be able to lay our hands on this chocolaty delight? Unfortunately, this new candy variant won’t see the light of day before February 2018. That’s right, the red-pink-purple candy will debut for Valentine’s Day 2018. Till then you can munch on these White Chocolate M&M’s.

So, what do you think about this new triple chocolate candy coated confectionary? Yay or nay? Vote below and let us know!

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Feature Image: YouTube

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