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Restaurants In Singapore Are Serving Trump-Kim-Themed Food & Drinks


If the two world leaders are dining on a spread of exotic preparations, should the public be far behind? Restaurants in Singapore say no. Food joints in the island country are honoring the coming together of two world leaders, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in their unique ways. If you’re in Singapore right now, here are all the places that you should be heading to for a Trump-Kim-themed meal.


  1. Royal Plaza on Scotts

The five-star property is paying homage to the summit with a Trump-Kim Burger made with a blend of American and Korean ingredients. The burger features a minced chicken, seaweed, and kimchi patty, served with Korean rice rolls and fries, and Summit Iced Tea, reported the Straits Times.

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  1. The Beast Southern Kitchen + Bourbon Bar

Taking the burger up several notches, this restaurant has launched a #worldbeast burger that will set customers back by US$23. The burger is a mélange of quintessential Korean and American elements served up as separate halves of the same burger. The American half of the burger features fried mac and cheeseburger buns accompanied by a beef patty, bacon jam, and barbecue sauce. The Korean half, on the other hand, includes deep-fried kimchi rice buns, bulgogi beef patty, caramelized onions, and creamy garlic sauce,

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  1. Harmony Nasi Lemak

This central Singapore establishment has paired its food with a bunch of quirky artwork as well, like caricatures of Trump and Kim along with the phrase, “Let’s make HARMONY great again!” As for the food, the restaurant has introduced a diplomatic take on the Singaporean classic, Nasi Lemak. Christened “Trump-Kim Chi Nasi Lemak”, this version is served with U.S. dry-aged beef and a stack of spicy kimchi. Moreover, the portion is also bigger as it’s the American version, it’s the American portion,” said Zach Wen, Harmony’s co-founder.

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  1. Lucha Loco

Trump’s stand on all things Mexican may be a topic of debate but this Mexican outlet in Singapore is not having any of that controversial talk. Lucha Loco launched its “El Gringo” and “El Hombre Cohete” tacos to go with the occasion. While the El Gringo has all the ingredient to mimic the taste of a typical American cheeseburger, the El Hombre Cohete (fun fact, this translates to ‘rocket man’) is filled with Korean fried chicken.

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  1. Pine Garden Cake

The local bakery has come up with the USA.NK Bread and Cake. The USA.NK Bread, which is essentially a flatbread, includes mild cheddar, Spam cubes, spicy Shin Ramyun bits, and kimchi pieces. Meanwhile, the sponge cake is made with tart yuja curd, strawberry cheesecake mousse, and pop rocks pieces topped with Trump and Kim replicas, cartoon nukes, and even peace signs.

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  1. Wolf Burgers

This hip burger joint hopped on the summit bandwagon with ‘The Burger For World Peace’. According to an Instagram post, the massive meaty burger, which is a “traditional American favourite in a fresh way with Asian influences”, comes loaded with Juicy Bulgogi Marinated Shabu Brisket, Kimchi Mayo, Korean Styled Pickled Radish combined with Caramelized Onions and American Sharp Cheddar in a gourmet Burger Bun.

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  1. Escobar

Named after Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, this recently-opened bar also joined the party with cocktails dedicated to the two political heads. Escobar is shaking up a “Trump” cocktail with a bourbon base in the color of the American flag, along with the “Kim” a deep red drink shaken with soju, a vodka-like alcohol loved in both Koreas, reports Fox News.

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Bonus – KFC’s Four Peace

Amid all the United States-North Korea Summit hoopla, popular fast food chain KFC also revealed an exciting meal box called the ‘Four Peace’. The chain announced through a Facebook post that it would be rolling the special box with “four pieces of fried chicken, two whipped potatoes, two coleslaws and two beverages.” However, the offering is not for sale to the general public and was available only for the American and Korean leaders. “Trust me, it tastes unbelievable. Please accept my humble invitation to come down to KFC Sentosa on 12 June for a complimentary box. Let me know if you’re keen so I can reserve a table and jazz it up,” the post read

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