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Snickers New Super Bowl Ad Brings Back The Brady Brunch


Snickers has gone all out. Everyone remembers the Brady Bunch right? The old-style family sitcom of a large semi-functional family of 6. Snickers takes you back in time with their new Super bowl ad, playing on the concept “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry”. And boy, have they taken it literally. They got “Machete” man Danny Trejo to play the sweet and popular Marcia Brady from the Brady Brunch.

Marcia Brady becomes the action man Danny Trejo because? Yes, she’s just not herself when she’s hungry. The ad blew a $4.5 million hole in Snickers wallet for the 30-second ad. You also get to see a glimpse of Jan Brady played by the amazing Steve Buscemi, the brother who is perpetually in the shadow of his older and perfect sister. Watch the nostalgic and funny video rightly titled – “The Brady Brunch”