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Study Says That Broccoli Can Help You Lose Weight


Looking to lose weight? Then, perhaps you ought to head to a grocery store ad pick up some broccoli. According to a study by scientists from Kanazawa University, components of broccoli can increase weight loss, even when one is eating a high fat diet.

The Effect Of Sulforaphane

The researchers fed a group of mice a high fat diet; one group was given sulforaphane while another was only given the high fat diet. Sulforaphane is a component of broccoli. The researchers found that the mice which were given the sulforaphane gained weight at a 15% lower rate than the mice who weren’t given it. They also had a 20% reduction in visceral fa , otherwise known as deep fat which is found around major organs like the liver, pancreas and kidneys.

Additionally, the researchers found that sulforaphane helped turn white fat into brown which can improve metabolism.

As well as in broccoli sprouts, sulforaphane can be found in brussels sprouts and cabbage. Additionally in earlier studies, the component has been found to kill cancer cells, preventing their spread across the body.