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The Perfect Nerdy Cake For A Chess Lover, By Nerdy Nummies


Nerdy Nummies, by Rosanna Pansino, is a popular YouTube food series with the most interesting and fun recipes that everyone enjoys. We’re obsessed with Nerdy Nummies right now and we’re so tempted to run into the kitchen and cook up some fun food but not until we share this with you first! This is a really fun, one of a kind cake that is so well designed and so so fun to make and eat too! Rosanna Pansino makes delightful nerdy food and clearly she loves doing so because the recipes and decoration is so spot on, we can’t help but marvel and the goodness. Baking just gets better with themed nerdy designs, and we’re got to say, we’re loving this super cool chess cake right now! 

Do you have a friend or someone in your family who loves chess and is really good at the game? Treat them to a little chess cake with this super fun, nerdy recipe! 


To make this cake you will need the following molds:
1. Chess Pieces Chocolate Mold
2. Square Pieces Chocolate Mold 

And these:

  1. 12 inch x 12 inch Baking Pan 
  2.  Plastic Squeeze Bottle 
  3. Frosting Bags
  4. Frosting Bag Couplers 
  5. Frosting Tips 
  6. Frosting Spreader 
  7. Cake Leveler
  8. Decorating Teeth 
  9. Yellow Cake Mix 
  10. White Chocolate Candy Melts
  11. Dark Chocolate Candy Melts