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There’s A Brand New Way To Drink Your Coffee And It Is Absolutely Stunning


If you’re sick of all the Pumpkin Spice Lattes and all the usual fare of coffee that everybody talks about, then this new gorgeous way to drink coffee might just be what you’re looking for. Take-Out Drawing, a cafe in Seoul, South Korea has changed the way coffee is drunk. Coffee is one of the most popular warm beverages in the world, so it’s no surprise that this new trend is catching everyone’s attention.

Meet the Meringue Coffee. Not to be confused with meringue flavoured coffee or coffee flavoured meringues, this drink is basically coffee topped with a huge meringue. It not only gives the drink character, but also adds a little something to your coffee drinking experience. Think of it as a replacement for whipped cream, but without the melting. It’s like getting a delicious biscuit with each cup of coffee.

The drink is called Paul’s Meringue Factory and is already so popular as a drink. And that’s not all, given that meringues are dairy free and can be used as a milk alternative, it’s gaining more popularity with each passing day. Granted, it’s a lot taller than we’re used to when it comes to a cup of coffee, but it’s so beautiful, does it really matter?

This isn’t the only creative food item they’ve got on their menu, they have cream-filled cakes and cocktails that resemble sunsets and they also have something they call Iceberg Macchiatos where the espresso is poured over frozen milk.

Yes, this kind of coffee is a little more complicated and indulgent than your regular cup of coffee. And yes, you can’t take it to go because that would just not be feasible in any way. But do we drink coffee only for the taste anymore? Because this is a drink that will be an Instagram trend sooner rather than later.


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