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These Ladies Found The Love Of Their Palates On Tinder


Turns out Tinder can be used not only to find your soul mate but to also meet someone when you can’t find one. Basically, a date that is bound to go well and that too without involving so much as another person!


Ladies, Meet Wine!

About a year back an anonymous person hopped on to the express dating bandwagon and signed up on Tinder as a cheeseburger named Patty. To take the legacy forward, Sean Fahmy of Foodbeast did the crazy and signed up on Tinder as a glass of Red.

The results? Mind-blowing! Ladies welcomed the chance of swiping right to an account that would leave them high but definitely not dry. Also, who wouldn’t swipe right on a glass of red wine?!Photo-Nov-20-4-14-09-PM


Date Psychology

“Some girls loved the idea of opening up to a glass of wine. Some didn’t care much for what I said; they were just excited to be talking to alcohol. A surprising number completely ignored me altogether (hey, more me for me!). Some marveled at the fact that a charming yet perverted little glass of wine could talk, while others took all of my liquid advances in stride, even volleying back a few clever lines here and there”, says Mr. Wine.nicole



It wasn’t just the idea of spending time with a bottle of red wine that got the girls ecstatic but also Fahmy’s impeccable word play, puns, sense of humor (and of course, the ease of access of this particular ‘date’) that became a reason for the account’s popularity.johanna

“I also used a few lines more than once. There are only so many puns about my people that I can come up with, and EVERY SINGLE GIRL swiped right on me, leaving me with over 300 matches in two days. Normally I would have made my way into all of their hearts and bellies, but Sean keeps “wining” about his fingers hurting from typing so much. Dude is acting like a real box of wine. BE LESS SQUARE, BRO”, Wine adds describing his experience on Tinder.andrea-drunk



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