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This Indian Woman Makes Fake Food For A Living!


“I’m a fake chef. I make fake food using fake ingredients”, Shilpa Mitha exclaimed. Shilpa Mitha’s clay creations of Indian dishes went viral on Instagram, encouraging her to quit her job and follow her passion of making food miniatures.

“I got into this by accident. I was just trying to have a hobby for myself and everyone seemed to want them”. She makes around 200 miniatures in a month which sell out in just an hour! “I am just lucky enough to be in India where there is so much variety of food so there’s always something new and something different to experiment with”. Her most famous ‘dish’ is the Dosa! She has made thousands of them and still continues to make them.

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Just a small town girl living the big city dream! Travel, Food, Fashion and Photography is what she lives for.