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Trix To Go Back To Artificial Dyes For Its Cereal On Popular Demand


“It’s basically a salad now,” a 35-year old lawyer in Chicago tells The Wall Street Journal about the naturally flavoured Trix. General Mills Inc., are the company that manufactures the popular cereal and pledged in early 2016 to use natural ingredients to make Trix and while the company sales went up 6% the change faced a backfire from the fans.

Say No To Natural Ingredients

The haters of the natural ingredients being used in the new tricks flooded the company with complaints by calls, emails and social-media posts as reported by a spokesperson, Mike Siemienas. “Change it back!!” said a mother and photographer, Ashley Carara in her Facebook post for the naturally dyes Trix. “My kids find the color of the new Trix cereal quite depressing,” she said.

So, Trix is now going to hit the shelves in the US stores with the artificial dyes Red 40, Blue 1 and Yellow 6 along with high-fructose corn syrup by October this year. No one like the depressing colours or the new taste. The company will sell it along with the Trix with natural dyes.