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We Tried Out CCD’s New Dessert Range & It Was Nothing Like What We’d Expected!


To follow up the launch of their impressive range of cold brews – Summer Chillers – Café Coffee Day has released some super delicious ice cream sundaes, a.k.a., the Over The Top Sundaes. And of course we wanted to see just how over the top these desserts were, so we hopped on over to our nearest CCD outlet to try some of the sugar rush ourself!

According to a statement released by Venu Madhav, CEO, Café Coffee Day, “dessert specialists from Italy and India brought their ‘best in dessert love and expertise’ forward to create these offerings.”

As promised to us, the sundae appeal at CCD has reached “a new high with the well-crafted, all new ‘Over The Top Sundaes’’. “ Of the four sundaes – Rasgulla Royale, Cocoa Mocha, Toffee Surprise and Cocoa Fudge – we did have our eyes set on a few. So take a look at what we had and what we thought of it!


What We Had:

Cocoa Fudge

Who doesn’t love a delicious chocolate-laden ice cream sundae? So our instinct was to go for this truly over the top dessert. Our tall glass of frozen goodness came loaded with a rich coca fudge, vanilla ice cream, a layer of coca and finished off with whipped cream, a choco-stick, and a cherry.


Cocoa Mocha

As you must have guessed, chocolate is our weak point hence our second selection too was high on cocoa content. However, this time we gave ourself a little dose of caffeine, that is, the cocoa mocha. This ice cream sundae packed a refreshing twist of espresso paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, on top of a crunchy cookie base, paired with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream topped off with a rich chocolate sauce drizzle and a choco-stick and cherry on the top!

(Behind: Cocoa Fudge; Front: Cocoa Mocha)


In conclusion, we’d like to point out how the coffee company has brought a breath of sweet and frozen fresh air to its menu with the loaded new additions. And that too just in time for summer! So we suggest you head on over to a Café Coffee Day to try out their new treats. Meanwhile, take another look at their Over The Top Sundaes in the video below!


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