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Is Vegetable Biryani Really Just Pulao? #POLL


The discussion has taken the spotlight recently and we can’t help but wonder about the question that it raises. And while, the topic is just a few social media posts away from becoming an hour-long debate on prime time news, we thought we’ll consult our readers too.

Your first reaction to the question of whether veg pulao and veg biryani are the same may very well be a laugh and an “obviously!”. Especially if you’re a non-vegetarian. Because let’s face it, whether you cook vegetable and rice in a handi (cauldron) or rice cooker, it’s the same. It’s vegetable pulao. Chicken, mutton or lamb biryanis, on the other hand are cooked differently as a biryani and as pulao. Practically, that is.

Talking in technical terms though, biryani is not just cooked rice and other condiments like pulao. There are certain things that set the biryani apart from the pulao; for instance, saffron, kewra jal and a number of other biryani-specific spices. And then there is the ‘dum’ technique of cooking biryani, which doesn’t really apply to pulao. But then that’s our take on it. What do you think? Are vegetable pulao and vegetable biryani the same?

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