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Is The Raindrop Cake Really Cake Or Just Jelly? #POLL


Last summer, New York and food trend spotters all around the world collectively lost their mind over a transparent blob of agar and gelatin, christened the raindrop cake. Foodies and Instagram enthusiasts headed straight to Smorgasburg to lay their hands, eyes, and cameras on this new edible wonder. It’s time you get ready to visit the food fair yet again, as the dessert’s creator Darren Wong is introducing a brand new bold colour – purple.

According to Time Out New York, the new bright purple Raindrop Cake is made the same way as the OG drop, but to get its color, Wong adds ube, or purple yams. Apart from the colour, the plating of the cake will also be changed, and last year’s roasted soybean and brown sugar syrup will be replaced with sweetened coconut and coconut jelly. But there is a teeny tiny detail that the Internet is having a hard time digesting.

Why is a blob of gelatin being referred to as “cake”? The first time we were too blinded by its pretty façade to point it out, but this time round we can’t help but notice how this cake is nothing but a glob of gelatin. Here’s what Twitter had to say:

But is this going to stop any of us from digging into Wong’s new violet food? No.

Meanwhile, the hot dog and vegetable pulao are having a hearty laugh at this basic classification mix up. Anyhoo, what do you think? Is this new food cake or jelly? Vote below!

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Feature Image: Hypebae

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