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Watch this Cupcake Dressing Video on Loop, will you, Cupcake?


Cupcakes are everyone’s favourite little treat, and there’s no denying that frosting is the favourite part. A little sugar goes a long way especially when it comes to cupcakes and we believe that frosting can put a smile on everyone’s faces. We strongly believe that a cupcake and frosting pairing is essential to make the oh-so-perfect cupcake. The best cupcakes are always paired with the right flavour of frosting for a dreamy, “cupcakey” experience. Even if you’re the kinda person to eat the bottom of the cupcake first and and savour the top half later, you’re got to agree that having the right flavours are key for your palate. But are you the kind of person to lick the frosting off first? Well, doesn’t matter. You still need an awesome cake base to compliment the delicious frosting you just devoured. You can’t have an apple pie cake base and lemon curd frosting because something just wouldn’t seem right about that, would it? As you may have guessed, we take our cupcake and frosting pairings very seriously and what we have here is a little something we wanted to share with you – our favourite cupcake and frosting flavours! You can use these pairings to serve up some delicious rounds of cupcakes at your next sleepover, dinner party, or birthday party. Or you could just make a few for a lazy night in. What do you think? Do you have a favourite cupcake flavour or two? What frosting would you pair it with?

Feeling hungry? Here’s a free cupcake: 

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