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What Kind Of Apricots Are The Best?


Fresh apricots make an awesome sweet fibre filled snack that are relatively low in carbohydrate. Dried apricots like fresh apricots are nutrient dense. They make a great source of non haem iron a great option for people on a plant based diet needing to up their iron intake.

Dried apricots are however more energy (calorie) dense than fresh apricots because they have had almost all of their water content removed. Removing the water leads to a smaller volume therefore making them easier to eat. This works great if your looking for more calories in a smaller volume. The only downside of dried fruit is that it is easier to consume a larger amount of fruit serves in a comparatively small volume to fresh fruit. If you are trying to lose weight, opt for predominantly fresh fruit. This is so that you can consume a larger volume for a smaller calorie load, a larger volume will also keep you feeling fuller for longer!

Apricot bites usually provide approximately 50% apricot (or less), various forms of sugar (I counted 3 sources of added sugar), oil and preservatives. They are extremely energy dense and provide very little nutritionally. Save your money and pick the dried option instead.

Apricots (fresh and dried) are high FODMAP. If you have type 2 diabetes, same idea goes with dried fruit! If you can stick to a small amount and pair it with some protein and or fat it should be ok! Fresh will always however be best for a lazy pancreas! So, Fresh, Dried or Apricot Bites? What’s your pick?

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