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What’s “brew” and happening at the Chai Point?


India Runs on Chai.

High quality tea, non-tea snacks, a flawless supply chain, 60+ stores across two regions and 70,000 glasses of tea everyday. Among the coffee cafes and filter kaapi stops around the city, Chai Point is building a cult on its own. 

“What we’re trying to do is to create a brand around chai. There’s a lot of money in building coffee chains, but fundamentally the numbers show that the consumption of chai is at least 10 times that of the consumption of coffee,” says Sandesh C, chief operating officer at Chai Point.

“We sell about 70,000 glasses of chai a day, and we believe we can make it 700,000. To reach that kind of scale you’re going to need a world class IT system to be able to really monetize on the transactions. We have 7,000 customers using the prepaid card on mobile and roughly 23,000 customers using the physical prepaid cards. This means that we can collate the consumption patterns for close to 30,000 customers a day. Our ability to use this insight can really help improve our service and operational efficiency,” explains CEO Amuleek Singh.

The Chai Point ecosystem houses over 300 employees. Their family calls in superior Chai Masters to try the tea and smell the tea leaf for quality. Of course there are winners and shields and cups are given out. 

Small and medium sized firms get their non-kaapi dose from Chai Point at their offices. Electric bikes set off at the click on the app. 

“Chai as a product is very simple. We don’t sell 30-40 varieties of chai. If you look up at our menu you’ll see we have about six varieties of hot chai and five varieties of cold chai, and the volume comes from them. People want to have a simple masala chai, ginger chai or lemon chai. We’ve kept it very simple on the product side,” explains Sandesh.

Hey Chais’ guess who’s taking over the world one point at a time?