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Win A Year’s Supply Of Dairy Milk Silk By Participating In The Brand’s #Vote2Win Campaign


Cadbury Dairy Milk, one of the county’s most popular chocolate brands has launched an interactive #Vote2Win campaign, which could allow you to win a year’s supply of Silk.

The Campaign

The #Vote2Win campaign has been underway since last month. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk has set up a special website, which asks participants to click on their favourite silk. The choices are the original Dairy Milk Silk, Dairy Milk Silk Bubbly and Dairy Milk Silk Carmello.


Lucky participants will win themselves a year’s supply of their favourite type of Silk.

The Buzz

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk has been promoting the campaign across social media and announcing winners on its Facebook page. 

Its also been able to tap into the American election hashtags which are perpetually trending on Twitter and has set up a Twitter feed on the website, which collects all the tweets that use the #vote2win hashtag:

Some tweets, however do revolve around Dairy Milk Silk:

Silk Speak

To help participants make up their mind, Dairy Milk Silk has also released a couple of TVCs which explore the goodness of different types of Silk: 

What chocolate are you most tempted by? Give it a vote, and you may just end up rolling in chocolate all year round!