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This Winter Enjoy A Barbecue On The Rooftop At Taj Lands End In Mumbai


Mumbai may not have the teeth chattering cold but a nip in the air makes everything better, doesn’t it? Sitting in al fresco setting at Taj Lands End sipping wine and letting the conversations roll is truly a great experience. The wafting aroma of a barbecue is a must in the winters and Vista has it going every evening till the winters are through and here’s our experience tasting the Winter Grills at Vista.

The Ambience

The rooftop view at Vista Taj Lands End is absolutely breath-taking with a clear view of the Arabian Sea and the sea link, one simply can’t take their eyes off it. The dimly lit environment, the bright yellow canopies and the cosy cane chairs made us sink in the beautiful ambience at Vista. The place itself gives you complete holiday feels, away from the hullaballoo of the city, so serene.

The Food

After taking a tour of the entire rooftop we stooped over at the barbecue section where the grills were being prepared by the chefs. The meats included the Grilled Lamb T Bone Steak, Merguez Sausages, Char Grilled Shrimps, Grilled Chicken Leg and a Red Snapper fillet. Amidst the vegetarian delicacies we had the classic Corn on the Cob and Jacket Potatoes, Assorted Vegetables and Grilled Aubergine.

The meats were cooked to perfection, the snapper was served with the crispy skin which showed the deftness and the talent of the chefs at Vista. The fish fillet was delicious and we loved it to bits. The shrimps that were cooked on the grill had a brilliant smoky aroma to them and they tasted amazing. The rubs used on the meats leant a flavourful punch especially to the grilled chicken leg as well as the lamb steak and both were cooked to perfection. We loved the barbecue rub on the lamb which gave it a distinct flavour and a fiery kick.

We nibbled onto our salads as we washed down the meats and prepared ourselves for the vegetarian delicacies. One of the salads was made out of pickled vegetables and another was made out freshly cooked prawns and lightly tossed bell pepper and broccoli. We loved the corn on the cob and while it’s more of a street food we have to admit that fresh out of a barbecue it tasted smoky and absolutely mouth-watering. Next we moved on to the Jacket Potatoes wherein the whole potatoes were cooked in the grill along with the peel. The coal simply worked like magic with the vegetable bringing out its earthy flavours and giving it a brilliant taste.

So our experience of a barbecue at Vista Taj Lands End was a memorable one and we left on a sweet note of a delicious chocolate brownie and ice cream at the end. Do visit the restaurant and relish the delicious barbecue which is here to stay till the 28th of February. Plus, do indulge in their classy Cigar and Cognac lounge!