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Wouldn’t you love to have the Eiffel Tower in your Kitchen? What if it could make coffee too?


A Piece of Paris in your kitchen.

Je t’amore Paris. Yes, everyone loves Paris. It’s the city of love, art and food. And the Eiffel tower is the statue of love attracting millions of lovers all over the world who long for the perfect kiss at the top of the tower. And now thanks to ingeniousness of the Dutch Lab, the Eiffel tower will have you smacking your lips for other reasons. They have come up with the Eiffel 2000ml. And it’s a – wait for it – a cold drip coffee maker, which also happens to look like the Eiffel tower.


Not only does it brew you some fantastic coffee, it doesn’t need electricity or even hot water. The coffee machine consists of three flasks that are aligned vertically. Thanks to gravity, the water flows through them. The water starts flowing from the top flask, though the filter, and makes its way to the lower flask that contains the specially-ground coffee. When the liquid and the coffee grounds are mixed well, it is then sent to the lower glass orb for drinking. And voila – you have your perfect cup of French coffee.

eiffeltower coffee0  eiffeltowercoffee2