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10 Band names that should have been on the menu


The Cranberries: For that one person in every group who refuses to sip alcohol.
cranberry the band
This should definitely be an Indian starter. You know what? I think it already is.
red hot chillies pepper
Oh yes. More meat and more loaf, that’s my ideal diet.
Because carving pumpkins is too mainstream. But seriously, all in favour of pumpkin pie, say ‘aye’.
pumpkin pies
It sounds sophisticated for a cereal. I think I’ll have it-
Oh no, it is oats, isn’t it?
oh no oats
I don’t know what kind of fancy jam that is, but I’ll need a good ounce of it in between my sandwich, please.
pearl jam
Like the vanilla ice cream? Sure, I’ll have one more scoop.
vanilla ice cream
Call a cake a ‘sugar ray’, and you’ll have a lot of hyper kids running around soon.
Sounds fun, where can I get one?
sugar ray
If this were a spiced martini, then I guess even a guy wouldn’t mind having it. Get your mind out of the gutter, thank you.
spiced martini

10. Korn

On a budget and still craving for liquor? Hail Korn!
korn german