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5 Drinks at US 101 that are Spo(r)t on


Bottoms Up, US Style.

One of the perks of this job is that we never get tired of it. I mean, who gets tired of eating out? Add a couple of drinks to that equation and we’re very happy employees!

One scorching afternoon when we were feeling particularly parched, we headed out to US 101. Well, all right, we didn’t particularly need an excuse. But it just felt convenient to have one.

So anyway, we walked in to US 101 not knowing what to expect. We’d heard a few whispers about how great their food was but nothing so far about their drinks. We walked in to the familiar sports bar, and ordered ourselves some of the best things on their menu.

1.Chocolate Martini



Yes it sounds like you can’t possibly go wrong with it. And you’re pretty right about that. Made with vodka, this chocolate lovers’ delight is bound to be a hit. (A big shout-out to any guy who wants to buy their girl a drink. This one’s a winner!)

2.Tender Wonder



How would you like your tender coconut water? With a dash of Bacardi breezer, of course! Summer is almost synonymous with tender coconut water. This drink does wonders if you’re looking for a relaxed and cool afternoon.

3.Ultimate Cooler



This list keeps getting cooler by the minute, literally. When cranberry and passion fruit come together with vodka, the world becomes a very happy place.

4.Warm Up



You see her across the hall in a beautiful blue dress. She looks at you fleetingly for a moment. You’re trying to muster up the courage to go say hello. But then again your legs feel like jelly and you just want to sit down and pretend you don’t exist. What do you need when a situation like this hits you? You need to get warmed up. With vodka, dark rum, cranberry and melon, this flirty drink will set you right in the mood to be your charming self. And hey, if things don’t work out great, you’ve still had yourself a fantastic drink.

5.No Ball It’s the last ball of the over.


Your team needs 4 runs to win. It’s not impossible. But it’s not easy. Your sitting at the edge of your couch, praying for a miracle. That miracle presents itself to you as a “No Ball.” Relax! It’s a sport. You win some and you lose some. Say cheers with a buddy next to you and drink up some great vodka with lime juice and blue curacao.