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Celebrating 50 years of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s been 50 years since Roald Dahl’s famous ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’ book was published. Two successful films were adapted based on this book and millions of fans continue to support Wily Wonka’s legendary chocolate making skills.

Half a century has passed and yet the Chocolate that was written in his books are just that; fiction. Wonka’s chocolates are inventions that can still find use in this fast-paced technological world. Here’s how:

1. Everlasting gobstopper

Wily Wonka’s invention room gave more than just delectable chocolate.

Ever heard of the indestructible candy? Not only did the everlasting gobstopper periodically change flavours and colours, but it also never got smaller. It could never be finished.

Everlasting obstopper

Why we need it now: How much money do you spend on chocolates each day? Finished with lunch? Time for chocolate. Finished with dinner? Time for chocolate. Are you hungry in between meal times? Time for chocolate.

Time to save on some money.

2. Hair toffee 

Wily Wonka’s chocolates were thoughtful and practical. Once consumed, the toffee could regrow hair in an instant.


Why we need it now: Do you see the ads for all those hair fall shampoos and go ‘This shampoo will probably cause more hair fall!’

The hair toffee is a chocolate in need, an answer to regrow hair. It can also be used as a prank, so beware. Or just go ahead, it’ll be fun to watch.

3. Three-course dinner chewing gum 

Tomato soup, roast beef and blueberry pie made for a grand three-course meal, don’t you think? And you got this by eating just one chewing gum.

three-course mael chewing gum

Why we need it now: There’s hardly any introduction needed to emphasize on how practical this solution is in ending world hunger. And plus, when you’re in class and you’re feeling a little peckish, it’s easier to pop a chewing gum into your mouth.

4. Chocolate trees and vegetables

The Chocolate room had everything kids dream of. The trees were made out of taffy while from its branches grew jelly apples. There were giant mushrooms that spurt gooey whipped cream, pumpkins that were packed with sugar cubes, jelly bean stalks raised from the grass and spotty candy cubes that grew randomly.

Chocolate trees

Why we need it now: Have you ever seen a kid go ‘Ooh vegetables! I want more of that mom.’

This could be a revolution in kid’s meal, and if you’re honest about it, in adult’s meal time as well.

5. Television chocolate

The television room in the chocolate factory was where they took a giant bar of Wonka’s chocolate and shrunk it. The shrunken bar was sent through a million pieces via air to appear on viewer’s television sets. All Charlie had to do was reach out for the screen and the candy bar appeared clutched in his hands.

television chocolate

Why we need it now: It makes sense to get chocolate from the TV. We’re practically glued to the screen all day long. People will be too busy gobbling down delicious chocolates to be furious about advertisements interrupting their shows.

6. Cavity filling caramels

‘No more dentists’ because Wonka wanted to end every kid’s nightmare of visiting the tooth doctor.

cavity filling caramels

Why we need it now: These caramels are ingenious. You can hit two birds with one stone – one, the caramels that cause cavity can themselves seal pesky cavities, and two, the no one can ever stop you from having another bite of sweet, yummy caramel.

7. Exploding candies 

Wonka was a thoughtful chocolate maker. He created the exploding candies for kids who needed an escape route from their bullies. Their enemies could be beaten by simply offering these exploding candies.

exploding candy

Why we need it now: There are bullies still around. And don’t you really want to see how an exploding candy actually works?

8. Eatable marshmallow pillows

The idea was to end the gruelling process of getting up from bed, making it all the way to the fridge to get a midnight snack. No more midnight snacks.

marsmallow pillows

Why we need it now: Irregular eating times, eating a lot and not leaving any provisions to be stored in the fridge, and forgetting to restock you fridge – you are guilty of these charges. Eatable marshmallow pillows could put a full stop to all your mindless midnight snacking.

And who doesn’t crave for marshmallow dreams?