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5 Places in Mumbai with the Best Burgers


Delicious, juicy, tender meat sandwiched between the best of the sauces and the freshest of bread and raw veggies – have you pictured that perfect burger in your mind yet? Finding that perfect burger can be such a task and often a disappointing one. Sometimes, finding that burger you dreamed of, makes you take drastic measures. These include but are not limited to praying, wishing and begging for that perfect burger to be in front of you with your name on it. We understand that the delicious sauces that ooze, the flavour bursting patty that’s perfectly tender and the softest of soft breads that just make you want to delve into your burger and go “Mmmm hmmm”. We understand and therefore we give you 5 places in Mumbai that have the most amazing burgers you’ll come across.

1. Between Breads

Where – Pali Hill, Bandra


Cost for two – 800

2. Café Zoe

Where – Lower Parel


Cost for two – 2000

3. Gostana

Where – Khar


 Cost for two – 800

4. Hunger Pangs

Where – Hill Road, Bandra


Cost for two – 800

5. Café Sundance

Where – Churchgate


Cost for two – 2000