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5 Reasons To Make Tea Your Daily Beverage Of Choice


There is a war brewing between the coffee and tea lovers and we are trying desperately not to pick sides. Although we love both beverages quite equally, there is something about tea that makes us feel all healthy and nice on the inside. 

Research has shown several health benefits associated with tea and we are on a quest to become more healthy this new year. Here is why you should also include tea in your morning rituals. 

1. Hydration

According to researchers at European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, drinking tea provides similar hydration to your body as water. It replaces the fluids in your body with the added benefit of antioxidants. Two for the price of one. 


2. Caffeine

Unlike coffee, tea does not have high caffeine content, so you can enjoy a nice cup of tea without the jitters. The tannin present in black tea slows down the absorption of caffeine into your body. 


3. Calm And Cool

An amino acid called theanine is present in tea leave, which helps in the reduction of mental and physical stress and also boost your cognitive abilities. 


4. Reduces That Waistline

Many people find that drinking tea helps in curbing the munchies and helps in managing weight. Oolong tea helps your body to metabolise lipids due to its high catechins content. 


5. Easier To Make

Comparatively, teas are much easier to make than coffee. All its requires is water, tea leaves and your choice of sweeteners, as compared to making a good cup of coffee (not the instant kind). 


Although we don’t like to choose sides, these benefits certainly takes us over to the side of a nice hot cup of tea. We promise not to cut off ties with coffee, but our body calls for us to indulge in some healthy things once in a while.