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7 Chocolate recipes that are for the perfect Chocoholic week


We all love chocolate. Now don’t try the “I’m a fruit person” “I love strawberries, etc” on us. We KNOW. But chocolate is awesome. Just let us have this chocolate cake and eat it, okay? 

So we thought, why not have the perfect chocoholic week? Every day will be something to look forward to- FINALLY. 

Get down to making these super easy chocolate recipes that we know you’ll simply love! We’ve even thrown in a Vegan recipe for the gang! 

1. Chocolate Mousse

chocolate mousse recipe featured image

Mousse for all, you may say. But we say, mousse for one. Just one. 

2. Mint Chocolate Bars

Refreshing and so wake-me-up, these mint bars are very party friendly. So throw one for them, alright? 

3. Chocolate Chip CookiesFeatured image choco chip cookies 

We can’t have chocolate week without cookies! What will the girl scouts think of us! 

4. Vegan Chocolate ice-cream

chocolate ice cream vegan 2

Vegans, rejoice. We have the recipe for the vegan sweet tooth. 

5. Flour-less Chocolate Brownies

flourless brownies recipe featured image

Flour-less and chocolate-full, just the way we like it. 

6. Devils Food Cake

chocolate cake recipe featured image

The Devil will be so proud! We’ve thrown in his favourite.

7. Chocolate Hazelnut Mug Cake

nutella mug cake recipe featured image

Ready in a jiffy. If you’re not celebrating chocolate week, at least celebrate a ‘chocolate day’ you sad, sad person.