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America is facing an Organic Moo Shortage


When the going gets organic, you get going. 

Everybody you meet today is all about the ‘organic‘ this and the ‘organic’ that. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed the organic superstores opening up in your city. They, with their jute packaging and their tiny-stringed-bundles can have you feeling all ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ in a jiffy. Why, telling people you shop at such a store makes you feel all the better about yourself. So that’s what America was up to, when suddenly, all their organic milk vanished. 

Okay, it didn’t vanish. But there’s talk of a ‘shortage’. The USDA has reported that even in Wisconsin, the dairy farm capital of America, farmers are posting notices warning of a milk shortage. Sales of organic milk jumped almost 10 percent from the beginning to the end of 2014, while consumption of regular milk is down almost four percent. Normal milk? Meh. 

Organic cows must graze in an organic pasture, and cannot be treated with hormones to stimulate growth or milk production- so what do we do then? We raise the price of organic milk. Food Economics, my friend. So organic milk is now priced at $3.89 per half gallon. Moo, much?