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Bangalore Food Truck #1: SWAT Truck – Serving with a Twist


Food Trucks have been the latest in Bangalore’s food trends. In the past year, the vibrant American food culture has spread to Bangalore and stuck. Whether it’s to grab a quick lunch break from office or after college, or on the way back from work or just to get your hands messy, Bangalore foodies have been gobbling it up.

We at HungryForever, decided to go around the city hunting down these trucks with their changing locations and varying menus. First up on our journey was SWAT truck.

SWAT truck was the brain child of Lioma and Jimson who were Hotel Management students at Christ University, Bangalore. It all started with a conversation about their hectic jobs and endless hours at work, one conversation led to another and then they thought,”Why not a food truck?”.

 We asked them a couple of questions about their food truck ride over their delicious burgers which we will get to, in a bit. When asked about what was most difficult about setting up SWAT, it was quite obviously, the truck. “We had an idea in our heads about how we wanted the truck to be. To explain the guy at the garage to cut out the insides of the truck and put together a mini kitchen, just the way we want it was quite a challenge.” says, Vivek the third member of the SWAT truck trio. 

After six months of sweating it out at the local garage, explaining in bits and pieces of Kannada, working and reworking parts of the truck, SWAT Truck was rearing to go. Their centralised kitchen is in Domlur, hence SWAT Truck is seen around Indiranagar, HSR and sometime Koramangala. We caught them at Indiranagar and ordered a Chutzpah burger which was created as part of a women empowerment play in the city at the time and a Virgin Mojito. The Virgin Mojito was fresh and just what we needed to wash down after the sassy Chutzpah burger. The burger was spicy and bold – just the theme they were looking for. And messy, just the way we like a food truck meal. You can’t have eaten a food truck meal until you get your hands greasy and dirty. We ended with a deep fried Oreo desset which was…heavenly. We ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ and ‘mmed’ over the crunchy cookies that were battered and deep fried served with vanilla ice cream and Hersheys chocolate syrup. Yes, you can take a moment to imagine that. Their Oreo’s are one of the fastest selling items as you can very well imagine. Their menu also has a Mac n Cheese burger and a Sloppy Joe Burger whose reputation is daringly close to legendary.

SWAT Truck which stands for ‘Serving With A Twist’ does actually live up to that and their 4,000 avid followers are testament to that. You can follow them on their Facebook page. Give them a visit and ask the friendly chaps at SWAT to add them to their Whatsapp mailing group to get daily updates on their parking spot for the day. We might just see you there!

What we had:

Virgin Mojito

Chutzpah Burger

Deep Fried Oreos