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8 Bars in Bangalore where you can get Tipsy in under Rs 500


Hey, we don’t need to tell you about the drinking culture in Bangalore, do we? We love our alcohol, and we are proud of it. But like everything else, inflation has hit our beloved pubs as well, forcing us to sometimes spend the last Saturdays’ of the month at home sipping on Old Monk. As much as we love Old Monk, we would love to drink it in a pub with nice music and good company.

Keeping this in mind, we have come up with 8 Bars in Bangalore for those weekends in the month when your wallet is looking a little empty.

Filling Station, Koramangala

Filling Station is one where you just go for the booze. It’s not much to look at and the décor is anything but great. But when you get drinks for their prices, there is no reason to complain. And their starters are perfect for side dishes to some good ol’ whiskey and coke.

What you get for 500: 6 pints of beer or 10 Large Old Monk or 4 Large Signature Whiskey

Downtown, Residency Road

Also known as the ‘Good Old Place’. Why? Because it served as just that for the early beer drinkers of Bangalore. Located on Residency road, Downtown is a convenient spot for your friends and you to catch up over some lagers. End of month? It doesn’t matter if you are drinking at Downtown!

What you get for 500: 4 pints of beer or 5 Large Old Monk or 3 Large Signature Whiskey

Page 3, Brigade Road

Located at the end of Brigade Road, Page 3 is a watering hole for the struggling college crowd of Bangalore. A great place to stop at right before you head to the fancier pubs around Brigade Road. They follow the peg system where you order peg by peg or bottle by bottle if you’re feeling adventurous. A word of caution, it’s not exactly big on décor or ambience, just the cheap booze so you might want to go in a group. 

What you get for 500: 5 pints of beer or 8 large Old Monk or 4 Large Signature Whiskey

Ginger Greens, Kammnahalli

If cheap food and alcohol is your thing and you happen to live in Kammnahalli, then this is the place for you. We wouldn’t exactly recommend this for a family outing. The best thing about Ginger Greens apart from the cheap drinks is their food which is out of this world and has consistently been so for the past 10 years.

What you get for 500: 9 pints of beer or 22 large Old Monk or 7 large Signature Whiskey

Scottish Pub, St. Marks Road

Scottish Pub knows what it gives and delivers. What we love about the place is how simple it is. They have one brand of beer and wine. You can have your beer by glass or pitcher and the wine by small or large. See, no frills and fancies. What’s more, a glass of beer is Rs. 60.

What you get for 500: 8 glasses of beer or 7 small glasses of wine

Sathya’s, Koramangala

Drinks and starters, is the ultimate Saturday night out, don’t you think? And Sathya’s is just the place for it. They don’t have a main course on their menu, but they do have some great starters and cheap booze. The crowd at Sathya’s is comparatively great, making it anything but a ‘shady bar’. Now, we would actually recommend this for a night out with your alcohol loving family.

What you get for 500: 4 pints of beer or 3 glasses large Old Monk or 3 large Signature Whiskey

Spiriz Bar & Restaurant, Koramangala

Spiritz spells out economy like no other. What it doesn’t spell is décor. Walk in and you might feel like it’s a bit shady with dim lighting and some questionable people but one look at the menu, and you are going to forget about all that. It’s perfect for just a casual day or night drinking and you don’t want to worry about the bill after.

What you get for 500: 6 pints of beer or 10 large Old Monk or 4 large Signature Whiskey