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Binge Away The Weekend With Some Oreo Cookie Dough! #POLL


Stuffing our face with uncooked cookie dough is a trend that has picked up quite the pace in the past few months, and is not going away anytime soon. Especially if industry players continue to rake in the moolah with irresistible spin-offs like Oreo flavoured cookie dough!

That’s right, there exists Oreo flavoured cookie dough in the world, courtesy of The Cookie Dough Café. The snack will consist of the classic cookie dough mix blended with actual Oreo cookies. Because just in case you hadn’t had enough of all the Oreo variants, there is a new way to tamper with the sandwich cookie’s sanctity. That said, we totally would not mind a heaped spoonful of this new edible experiment

Instagram user @thejunkfoodaisle brought The Cookie Dough Café’s Frankenstein product was brought to social media’s attention. And while our mid has been blown by this cookie-ception, the product is not listed on The Cookie Dough Cafe’s homepage, but the company has been dropping major hints over the last few weeks on social media, reports Eater.
dropping major hints over the last few weeks on social media, reports Eater.

What we’re saying is that while the Oreo cookie dough may not have hit the market, there is a major probability that it will. And super soon. Would you be queuing up to try this new dessert? Vote below and let us know!

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