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There’s Now A Store In New York That Sells Cookie Dough Inspired Desserts


For years, every time someone said cookie dough, people would think of Ben & Jerry’s. Not anymore. Cookie Dough is going places and all thanks to Kristen Tomlan, who is taking her love for cookie dough up a notch.

She’s opening a cookie dough shop in New York City. An entire store dedicated to cookie dough and enjoying it in its various forms. Just when you thought that cookie dough began and ended the way you’re most used to. There’s so much more to it.

(pronounced “dough”) was started online originally, as a place cookie dough lovers could get their hands on cookie dough. The store opened on January 25th and has so much more than just cookie dough. On the menu, they’ve got ice cream sundaes, ice cream sandōwich, a cookie dō milkshake and cookie dough fudge. And if that’s not enough, you can even enjoy cookie dough ice cream pie.

No seriously, take a look at all these delicious things that you can get your hands on. We’re already planning a trip just for this experience.