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Burger King France Just Launched A Whopper Flavoured Toothpaste


Are you a massive fan of Burger King Whoppers? Well, we’ve found a way to help you carry around that taste all day; Whopper tooth paste. That’s right, the brand just announced the launch of Whopper flavoured toothpaste.

Okay, we’re kidding.

Of Course, It Was An April Fool’s Prank

For April’s Fools day, which we celebrated on April, Burger King France released a video featuring Whopper toothpaste.

A dentist in the video highlights the benefits of using Whopper toothpaste, which contains total whitening onion, fresh tomato and anticavity steak. The video also advises that you rinse out your mouth after brushing with a Burger King soda.

Burger King France made the video in collaboration with Buzzman and advises that you ask the nearest Burger King outlet if you’d like to score some. Be ready to be greeted with giggles, though.