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We Cannot Get Over The Rainbow Explosion Cake On Seth Meyers’ Late Night Show


On his latest episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host had over baker Amirah Kassem of Soho’s Flour Shop fame. Kassem is known for putting together edible magic in the form of vibrant and beautifully detailed cakes, which includes the likes of doughnut cakes, Chinese takeaway box cakes, and the latest, a pizza cake that even comes in a special pizza box!

Meyers treated his audience to Kassem’s icing prowess and a segment where the former barely struggled to put together a rainbow explosion cake. But such was the beauty of this cake that even Meyers half-done attempt had us craving a huge slice. Laden with dollops of white icing, the rainbow explosion cake is exactly what is sounds like – a cake doused in rainbow hues and an explosion of vibrant rainbow-coloured sprinkles and candies.

Though the host ditched his cake-making to try slices of the pizza cake and doughnut cake, Kassem wowed everyone with a rainbow cake made by her. The tall six-layer cake spewed a river of candies when the baker carved out a huge slice for Meyers to sink his hooks into. *Wipes drool*

If you want to get a slice of Kassem’s rainbow explosion cake (or for that matter any of those innovative creations), check out her space in Soho! The rest of you, who don’t live within a motorable radius of Soho, can watch the segment on repeat below.

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