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Chef’s Basket Launches ‘Fresh’ Sub-brand Of Hummus And Salsa Dips


Fizzy Foodlabs, which is the company behind ‘Chef’s Basket’, which creates readymade meal boxes has launched a new sub-brand; ‘Fresh’. Fresh includes a range of dips including hummus and salsa.  

Fresh Flavors  

At present, the Fresh brand includes Hummus in a variety of flavors from garlic to beetroot to basil pesto as well as Salsa Dips currently available in  nacho corn, taco bean , pineapple and kiwi apple.

The fruit salsa dips are prepared from fresh fruits on a seasonable basis, and the ‘Fresh’ range of products are made fresh each day with 100% natural ingredients at a plant in Rabale. As they’re made fresh, they have no preservatives, added colors or flavors.

Get Fresh!

The new Fresh products can currently be found in major retail stores like Nature’s Basket, Hyper city,  Big Basket and Haiko and will be available in over 100 stores by the end of 2016.

Head over to the Chef’s Basket website to know more!