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Clear Coffee Is Now Here To Protect Your Teeth From Stains


In recent times, we’ve had coffee infused jeans and and weed infused coffee. But the trend of doing strange things with coffee is nowhere near the end; we now have clear coffee.


Clear coffee is exactly what it sounds like; coffee which is colourless.

CLR CFF was developed by David and Adam Nagy, brothers who love their coffee but don’t love the stains it brings with it. According to the brothers, the coffee is made only with water, Arabica coffee beans and caffeine. It also has less than a tenth of a gram of fat.

“Because of the hectic lifestyle, we wanted to make a refreshing ready-to-drink coffee which provides the boost, but is low in calories,” said Nagy in a statement to the press.

The coffee has been tasted by carious news organisations; The Evening Standard said it tastes like “potent cold brew.”

The coffee costs around $4 for a 200ml bottle and can be bought at Selfridges, Whole Foods UK and online.