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Coca-Cola’s New ‘Drinkable’ Advertisement will allow you to pour a drink from the TV


How many times have you looked at a mouth-watering ad and gone – ‘I wish I could just taste that’. We have been there and wishes that a bunch of times. It looks like Coca-Cola has gone and upped their advertisement game to include this tiny little wish. 

Coca-Cola’s new ad for Coke Zero doesn’t promote the look and feel of the drink but the taste. They have joined hands with top ad agency Ogilvy & Mather to create a ‘drinkable’ campaign. You literally drink Coke Zero whether the ad is on billboard, TV or even radio.

How did they achieve a ‘drinkable’ campaign? 

It’s quite tech-savvy if you ask us. They collaborated with popular song discovery app ‘Shazam’ to create the illusion that you’re actually tasting the campaign. You ‘Shazam’ the ad and voila- you have Coke Zero pouring into a glass on your screen. Once your glass on the screen is filled up, head to the nearest retail store to avail your can of free coke. 

How did they do? 

They promoted an already popular product using technology and innovation in a fantastic way! It worked for people at home, in a concert and even just while they were watching a game. In the case of just sound, for example, the radio people would ‘Shazam’ and listen to the sound of pouring Coke Zero to avail their drink. But wait, it doesn’t end here. Even a tweet that day would have earned you a free drink! 

Check out their drinkable billboard video below: