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Does This Tweet Mean That IHOP Is Changing Their Name?


We all know that breakfast food is the best food and no one does it quite like IHOP. We were over the moon when IHOP finally came to India, but now, thanks to cyptic tweet posted by the official account we may be on the verge of a name change – after 60 years. Check out the tweet below and see for yourself.

The tweet has already racked up thousands of comments with people eagerly trying to guess exactly what the ‘b’ could stand for, and IHOP gleefully leading them on in their quest to discover “what it could b” (their pun, not mine)

However, if we’re being perfectly honest, we’ve got our bets hedged on “International House Of Breakfast”. I mean, it fits the brief and actually sounds kind of perfect. I guess we’ll find out in approximately 5 days. Let us know what you think the ‘B’ stands for in the comments below and who knows you may crack the IHOP case!

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