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20 Places In Chennai Where You Can Find Hot Idlis For A Cold Day


The weather in Chennai seems to be getting back to normal and we’re glad to see many enjoying the cooler nights indoors. What better way to spend a cold night in as we get closer to December, than with some hot food that’s light and filling at the same time? Surely it’s snuggle-worthy weather and no one would want to spend time cooking dinners in the kitchen, not every night at least. But what happens when you’re craving something warm and heart-warming too? Think traditional, hot and soft, and fluffy idlis. Here are a few great places hidden around the city where you can get hot and fluffy idlis in Chennai on a cold night!

1. Prems Graama Bhojanam

Heart warming idlis from a restaurant that’s known to deliver amazing traditional food!

2. ID

Specially made to satisfy your idly cravings.

3. Kozhi Idli

Idli…and some chicken to go with that!

4. Hotel Junior Kuppanna

With many outlets in the city, it shouldn’t be hard to get your hands on some of their idlis!

5. Sangeetha Veg Restaurant

You’ll see why tons of people flock over here for their morning idlis.

6. Kolapasi Takeaway

Hot and fluffy idlis, at your doorstep, and in a flash!

7. Murugan Idli Shop

Made for idlis, everyone knows that. So if you haven’t tried them yet, now’s your chance!

8. Idly Xpress

Dishing out super hot idlis, super fast!

9. Mathsya

Popular for it’s delicious South Indian food, they can’t go wrong with idlis, ever.

10. Idli Factory

Popular for it’s soft idlis, it’s the perfect place to pick up some on the go.

11. Annachi Dosai Kadai

Yes, it’s popular for dosas, but don’t forget their idlis are just as good too!

12. Sree Akshayam

For everyone in Anna Nagar who needs their idly fix.

13. Mr and Mrs Idly

An exclusive idly joint, they’re made to give you the best idlis.

14. Shri Balaajee Bhavan

For a nice, hot South Indian breakfast – with a little idly and sambar!

15. Eden

So the people of Besant Nagar can consider their idly cravings, satisfied.

16. Sanjeevanam

Idlis and some spicy chutney, head this way.

17. Hotel Saravana Bhavan

035 (2)
One of the city’s most-loved traditional joints. Need we say more?

18. Mathura Restaurant

If you’re in the vicinity, pick up some idlis right away. You’ll be so glad you did.

19. Krishnavillasam

Pure South Indian. Now don’t you love the sound of that?

20. Vrindavan

There’s so much on the menu to choose from, but you’ll have the idlis first.