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These Fried Desserts Will Make You Pull Out Your Wallets and Book Your Plane Tickets!


Many people who love fried food also love desserts. Sadly, if we stuff ourselves with one, there’s never enough room for the other. What if we told you that you could have both? Yes, some innovative chefs around the world have come up with fried desserts that will have you swooning in glee. Of course, these desserts are not available at your nearest corner shops; sampling them may make you have to bring out the big bucks. But it’s all for the love of food, right? Do give the creators of these dishes a hug and huge thank you from us if you meet them.

1) Fried Ice Cream Rolls 







These ice cream rolls were made at a street stall in Krabi, Thailand with cookies, brownies, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Head to Thailand soon!

2) Deep Fried Easter Eggs


During Easter #FryHard, a restaurant in England that serves only deep-fried food served up deep fried Cadbury crème eggs. The dish was so popular that they now serve it all year long. Delicious? We think so.

3) Fried Mars Bar


Another chocolaty treat that has found itself in the deep fryer is the Mars bar. The fried Mars bar originated in the Carron Fish bar in Scotland, when a little boy requested a Mars bar for supper. It has become so popular that it is now on the Scottish Parliament’s menu! Don’t worry though, you don’t have to prepare yourself for a long parliamentary battle. Fried Mars are popular all over Scotland.

4) Deep Fried Coke









Yes, we know, coke isn’t a dessert, but when its deep fried it becomes one. This cup of coke balls was a hot seller at the Texas State Fair in Dallas. Missed that? No worries – this dessert’s creator Abel Gonzales shows you how to recreate it!

5) Fried Oreos


These tempura fried oreos are served in Japaneiro, a restaurant in Houston. Along with the coke balls, here’s another reason to visit the US!