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Here’s Why The New Zealand Post Office Is Delivering KFC Chicken Along With Mail


When’s the last time you visited your local post office? We bet you can’t remember; after all with email, WhatsApp and a bunch of other online messaging services at our fingertips, why would we need to visit a post office? 

In a bid to offset losses caused by a massive reduction in the amount of people using their postal services, the New Zealand Postal Service has decided to deliver KFC along with mail. 

The Colonel and the Postman 

KFC and the New Zealand Postal Service are testing the scheme in Tauranga, in Northern​ New Zealand. It will allow customers to place orders for dishes from the fast food chain online and then send drivers from the post office to deliver them.

Commenting on the collaboration, Ian Letele, Chief Executive of KFC, said, “NZ Post has an extensive delivery distribution network around New Zealand, and KFC is available in most towns nationwide. With the support of NZ Post, we hope to service the home delivery needs of many more KFC customers throughout New Zealand.”