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What Kind Of Yogurt Would You Cu(r)ddle Up With? #POLL


Dairy products inevitably find a way into our daily diet, unless of course you are on dairy-free diet. One such omnipresent dairy product is curd/yogurt, which is known for its many healthy and nourishing properties. Yogurt in all its forms – whether it is made from nonfat, whole, skimmed, or soy milk – is a treat to dish out. And given the recent developments on the FMCG and globalization front. We now have an access to variety of plain, healthy, creamy, flavoured, frozen, and dairy-free yogurts.

Point being, something as simple as yogurt now has a number of brands, varieties, and flavours to pick from in the milk and dairy section of the bodega. So, which one of the following most commonly consumed yogurts do you like the most? Vote for your favourite!

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Featured Image: Salon

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