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Which Of These New Ben & Jerry’s Flavours Are You Most Excited For? #POLL


Ice Cream giant Ben & Jerry’s is the frozen edible gift that just keeps on giving in the form of one delicious flavour after the other. This summer, to reliever us of our sweaty torrid misery, the company has announced a trio of yet another new and exciting flavours. The Vermont-based ice cream brand’s new ice cream variants pick up on the crowds’ mad love for the popular binge snack – cookie dough.


Celebratory Flavors

With the release of its three new cookie dough-based flavours, Ben & Jerry’s honours its historical first cookie dough creation, which was launched over three decades ago. Here are the three flavours that we all will be stocking up on this season:

Chip Off the Dough Block – a combination of chocolate and chocolate chip ice cream base with chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate chip cookies.

P.B. Dough-ble Chocolate – this one, as the P&B give away, mixes a dark and milk chocolate ice cream base with peanut butter cookie dough and peanut butter cookie butter.

Cinn-Dough-rella – Calling all cinnamon fanatics! This flavour combines a cinnamon and caramel ice cream base with cinnamon bun dough, shortbread cookies, and oatmeal cinnamon cookie swirls.

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Can we just take a moment here to applaud the creative team for coming up with such pun-tastic and supremely apt names for each of the flavours?

Unfortunately, the new flavours will be available only in the USA and that too just inside Scoop Shop locations across the country. But, if you were – or are – in the vicinity of a Scoop Shop, which of these flavours would you rather have? Vote below and let us know!

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Meanwhile, here are some delicious cookie dough recipes that the rest of us can binge on.

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