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Mirror Glazed Cakes Are Great, But Doesn’t It Waste A Lot Of Icing? #POLL


Food trends are amazing, food trends are gorgeous, and some are downright works of art. One such trend that took the dessert industry around the world by storm was the mirror-glazed cake trend. Brought into the social media spotlight by Russian confectioner Olga Noskova, the icing technique created quite a stir and was soon after followed by a number of bakers and dessert makers adapting the technique and experimenting with it even.

Not only are these cakes seamlessly beautiful, but the process too is a delight to ogle at! I mean, just look at this video and tell you do not want to watch it on replay!

And that is exactly what I did. Watch it on replay. However, on the millionth (kidding, it was billionth) replay, what caught my attention was all the icing that was dripping off the cake stand. And it’s not just the video above, it’s with pretty much every mirror glazing process, a huge amount of icing just drips off the cake and we don’t know whether it was spooned back into its jar or just discarded in the trash. If it is the former then bravo, but if it’s the former then we’ve got some major food wastage going on right here.


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Now, before you slam me as a generally displeased soul who is unable to look at beauty without pointing out flaws and mistakes, hear me out. Food wastage is a real problem and if you really think about it, if one mirror glazed cake can result in so much dripped (read, wasted) icing, how much icing must be wasted around the globe in making tens, hundreds, and thousands of the same?

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Feature Image: YouTube

P.S. The writer means no offence to any of the persons whose videos have been used (purely as examples) in this article.

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