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Now you can see a nearly fossilized McDonalds Burger in Iceland


There have been several highly publicized experiments that have shown that McDonalds burgers do not rot, or even show signs of any decay. A man in Iceland, named Hjör­tur Smára­son, decided to test out this theory. McDonalds closed up shop in Iceland in 2009 right after the economic crash and Hjör­tur bought a burger and kept it in a plastic bag for three years.


 “I had heard some­thing about McDonald’s never decaying, so I just wanted to find out for my­self whether this was true or not,” Smára­son told ITV.He then handed over the burger to the National Museum of Iceland, where it was kept on display until recently. The Museum has now handed the burger back to Hjör­tur stating that the burger had become difficult to preserve.

iceland burger 2

If you still want to view this nearly-fossilized Burger, head to the Bus Hotel in Reykjavik. According to Hjör­tur the museum’s concerns regarding the preservation of the burger are baseless as the burger pretty much “preserves itself”.

Check out this McMarvel on the hostel’s webcam if you can’t make it to Iceland in the near future. But we are guessing that this Burger is going to be around for a long time.