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McDonalds doesn’t just let go of their McCrew, but their Big Daddy as well.


McDonalds has had a horrible year. With a need for healthy lifestyle kicking in around the world, the fast-food giant has lost its footing all over the world, with declining sales and less-than-average results. They now need some serious changes.

The company announced on January 29th that their CEO Don Thompson would be stepping down on March 1st to be replaced by Steve Easterbook. Easterbook is currently their chief brand officer and he is likely to be both president and CEO. He will also be taking a place in the board of directors. In a statement Thompson said, “It’s tough to say goodbye to the McFamily. But there is a time and season for everything. I am truly confident as I pass the reins over to Steve, that he will continue to move our business and brand forward.”

McDonalds has long been questioned about their future and importance in the wake of changing eating patterns. In addition to this, McDonalds has been the centre of a number of scandals with pieces of plastic and even a tooth being served in McDonalds in Japan. They have now vowed to have more healthy options on their menu, and have even opened a trial hipster café to test out some of their heartier meals!